Avatar themed email addresses

So who has an Avatar themed email address?
Back in the beginning l managed to get "lovelyneytiri@........." and have used it ever since.

lt has caused a few laughs over the years as l've spelt out n-e-y-t-i-r-i when giving my email address out.

Anyone else got similar? lt seems harder to get these email addresses now as there are so many users, everything seems to be taken.

But there must be some Na'vi names that are still available?


I can assure you that you're not! I've seen many avatar themed addresses throughout the years of managing ToS :)

Personally I use my own domain name for email altogether, so theoretically I could have any Avatar-themed address I want... though right now the main way my tech use intersects with the film is naming my local network Eywa and my networked computers after Pandoran fauna :D

Sopyu ftu äo

Nope, but my car is named Pa'li Eampin and my main social media handle is also from Na'vi language. I also live with two adorable dogs, Nantang and 'Eylan :)