Avatar the Game PC

I never could make this game work :( maybe I'll try again soon though.

What seems to be the problem?

I know the game is picky regarding hardware. I actually bought a new gaming pc to play this because my old PC didn't meet the requirements and it wouldn't play.
Well it's been a while and I decided to play Avatar again and realized that Ubisoft shut down the servers to the game. :( You can still play the campaign but not multiplayer. Bummer!


Not surprised. Seems to be a growing trend with games having a central matchmaking server with no way of manually connecting over Internet or LAN. I don't remember the game having that ability. I can't play it since changing OSs & system so it just sits unused on my raidbox. Tried playing it a few times just for variety but no-go.

It ran fine on my old AMD, and old Intel q8200 but refuses to run on my i7 with the same video card I had before when it worked fine.


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Third party services like tunngle can get you multiplayer matches. There needs to be enough people on said community for said game however.