Avatar: Reckoning (Android)


Looks promising. Very nice level of personalization for your characters, too. I’m not much of a mobile gamer, though. Hoping for some solid PC and console titles.

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Seems to be the way with Avatar games. Either get released and completely abandoned to dusts of time (original ibisodt game... Never made it to Steam/GOG or anything) or left to die in development hell (both mobiles games).

Not a fan of mobile gaming or modern gaming in general but it seems hell of a waste nonetheless, and a real shame for a universe with so much potential for really creative and imaginative gaming experiences.
Anybody speak Chinese?

I found an Android .apk file package somewhere online that contains this game (or part of it). I created a custom Android 11 instance in BlueStacks where the game actually installed and runs...to a certain point.

I can see the logos of Archosaur, Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Studios, then this screen:

And after that I get some kind of message I can't decipher:

Probably it is saying there are no available servers, or not available for the region, etc.

For just a moment there, I had a spark of hope that somehow it might play or at least go into the character creator, etc. But who knows, maybe someone can reconstruct something out of this orphaned data one day...
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