Avatar 4k release

Google claims that one will be released on September 23, 2022...so either one is out, or they aren't done with it yet...
i thought it was supposed to be released along side the new movie.
it sucks not having a 4k release cause we cant buy 3d tvs anymore so the only way to watch the movie is in 1080p
this really sucks i really want to get 3d in my home again i still has a small 3d tv but i want a bigger one.
before watching the new movie i had forgotten how good 3d is. i love 4k but its just not the same.
the new avatar movies 3d is amazing but still seems to suffer from a lot of ghosting.
i hope that the new movie sparks a new interest in 3d tv's for home but i doubt it given the only not so long ago failure of 3d tv's


Given 3D TV's demise, it's hard to foresee a 3D home release of Way of Water. So much for making more 3D stills--probably. :( (I have the 3D Blu-Ray of the original, though I never owned a 3D TV.)