Anyone else know about Pandora in Second Life?

I've been playing in a Pandora roleplay group on Second Life for close to fifteen years now. We are hoping for more players with the new movie coming next month! We have five regions and three clans, though only one is really active due to a lack of players (HINT). There is a human science group (based on the PCI concept from the Disney Pandora land) that does most of the interaction with the clans (which are the same players as the Na'vi). I play Ting'tirea, olo'eyktan of Txe'lan and Marquel Roberts head of the UN/PCI group. We get together two nights a week (sometimes more often) to play out clan and human things and it's mostly off the cuff stories. Very few bad guys though unfortunately, everyone wants to be Na'vi, (and that's a bad thing?). So if anyone is interested message me at my email for info. Irayo!