3D 4DX vs IMAX 3D

With the first movie coming to the cinema again, I finally have the chance to view the movie in 3D. But which version would be better: 3D 4DX vs IMAX 3D? Do any of you have any experience?
I saw it in IMAX3D at Scotiabank theatre, and in 4DX while I was in Toronto, the Scotiabank IMAX was full size(apparently some IMAX screens are smaller than others) and it had laser projection, and it was AMAZING. The 4DX had a smaller screen, and the older Real3D glasses, it was fun with the movement of the seats, but I never got any rain/scents or heat( but others who have seen it in 4DX said that they had water from the rain scenes and heat from the fire scenes! So the 4DX may vary from theatre to theatre.